The Environment at Baxby Manor

Baxby Manor & the Environment


Zero waste to landfill

  • We recycle all of our internal waste. Baxby Manor recycles clothing, glass, metal, paper, card, soft and hard plastic and disposable BBQ’s. Our general waste is sent to Allerton Park incinerator, a "Waste to Energy" plant near Harrogate.
  • We have a purpose-built dry, clean, undercover recycling centre for guests to use.
  • We actively encourage our guests to recycle by providing a simple process -a waste sorting system and clear container signage in a designated recycling area. 
  • Our staff model correct waste disposal by visibly sorting our site recyling bins several times a day.
  • We encourage Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycling to minimise items going to landfill (hiking boots and broken wheelbarrows become planting beds for growing edible flowers and herbs).
  • We have reduced single-use plastics in our on-site shop and provided alternative eco packaging such as glass, paper and bamboo.
  • Our online booking system saves generating huge amounts of paper information.
  • Our preference for digital communication, in conjunction with our business use of email negates the use of hard copies on printed paper and therefore saves trees.
  • We have a Food Bank donation bin where food items go to the village church to be  distributed to the local community and those in need.


Using sustainable energy sources

  • Fossil fuels have been replaced with sustainable energy.
  • On-site solar PV panels and battery storage are used to produce green electricity for the site.
  • All the hot water and heating at The Hideaway and Rufus’s Roost Treehouse is supplied via Biomass boiler (burning carbon neutral sustainable wood pellets) or our Air Source Heat Pump.
  • Any electricity taken from the grid is purchased through Octopus Energy: 100% green energy

Minimising energy use

  • We minimise our electricity usage through constant metering and the selection of appropriate power sources.
  • All of our buildings are thermally insulated to very high levels. We installed insulation to Scandinavian levels in our public areas during the building of The Hideaway. This, with ongoing maintenance, renovations and upkeep will lead to savings in the long term.
  • All our glamping units are highly insulated and extremely energy efficient.
  • All in-house lighting is movement controlled and low energy.
  • All lighting on site at Baxby Manor is LED.


Minimising water consumption

  • All of our shower heads and wash basin taps are fitted with aerators which reduce water and energy use.
  • All taps and showers are timed so as to prevent water wastage.
  • Baxby Manor has state-of-the-art thermal stores and heat exchangers, resulting in super-efficient hot water delivery.
  • We harvest rainwater from the on-site stream and also from rainfall.


Maximising environmental benefits

  • Our sewerage system is a state-the-art treatment plant, meaning that the water discharged from it is fit enough to drink!
  • A large variety of wildlife exists in and around the stream including kingfisher, ducks, fish, freshwater crayfish, moorhen, and otters.
  • We have planted more than 20,000 trees over the years of managing the land here at Baxby Manor.
  • We have created nectar-rich wildflower margins around our fields and planted over-winter bird seed mixes to support the many birds, insects and mammals that can be found at Baxby Manor.
  • We have bug hotels at The Hideaway and leave wood falls to create habitats.
  • There is a woodland management plan at Baxby Manor.
  • We installed bird and bat boxes throughout the estate and in 2021 we dug two new ponds to create habitats for Newts and other amphibians.
  • Our Facebook page acts as our communal nature diary. Lots of photos and sightings are shared by our guests and staff. In Rufus’s Roost we have a Wildlife Logbook.
  • We hand weed and minimise the use of herbicides where we can. 
  • Our guests help us by pulling up Himalayan Balsam and other invasive, non native species.
  • We have minimal low level LED site lighting at night to maintain the dark sky for star gazing.
  • We use only eco-friendly cleaning products on site. We currently use BioD and Shared Earth products (Shared Earth donate a proportion of their profits to charity)


Keeping it local

  • We endeavour to use local producers for our items and stock. #shoplocal #transportmiles #community
  • We source and promote a product range which supports local farms and food producers and minimises our environmental impact by reducing food miles and fuel consumption.
  • Our free range eggs are from the Baxby Manor estate. #foodmiles
  • All of the cider and apple juice sold in our shop is pressed on site at The Baxby Cider Mill, from apples grown in and around Husthwaite. #cidermiles
  • The wood pellets used in our biomass boiler are a waste product sourced from a sawmill 10 miles away. #energymiles
  • We use local contractors and suppliers for all goods and services.
  • For products not available locally, we stock as ethically as possible.

Being good neighbours and helping the local community

  • Each year we give charitable auction prizes to many local causes.
  • Our staff are recruited locally. They are included in our Baxby Manor family, often with staff discounts, team perks and often have the best suggestions for our family-owned business. #freebiefriday
  • We support the local Parish Council, Village Hall Committee, the village primary school, and other local businesses and organisations. We sponsor many events such as the village panto!
  • We display wildlife information boards around Baxby Manor with links/QR codes for guests and locals using the many public right of ways at Baxby Manor
  • These interactive, seasonally changing boards enrich visitor knowledge and appreciation of Baxby Manor's unique natural environment.


Promoting sustainable transport

  • We are committed to an EV charging point installation programme on site.
  • The EVPs are powered by solar PV panels and battery storage.
  • Our programme installation started with two new EV charging points at Rufus’s Roost Treehouse.
  • Baxby Manor are the first in our industry to provide EVPs powered solely by solar power and @EVNETZERO.
  • We make vehicle charging simple and reasonable, by using a Pay As You Feel (PAYF) system.
  • We installed a secure bike storage area: to promote cycles as a means of transport.
  • Guests arriving by foot, bicycle or public transport receive a generous discount on our nightly rates.
  • There is a regular, local bus service to and from the village.
  • Our variety of accommodation types and caravan storage facility reduces traffic and makes it easier for customers to arrive by public transport or bike.

Five Year Plan

Reduce energy consumption by 75%
This will be achieved by investing in more solar PV, battery storage and Heat Pumps, plus new energy efficient accommodation.

Increase use of sustainable transport
The most sustainable ‘transport’ of all, namely walking and cycling, are exceptionally well catered for.
Maps of walks and rides from Baxby Manor are available on our website and at Reception.
We have a secure bike storage area for customers arriving on their own bikes and also have bikes for hire.

Other initiatives include EV charging points and a pickup/dropoff service for customers from our local bus and train stops.

Zero Waste to Landfill & dedicated DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling) collection.
We will remove single-use plastic from our business and reduce our overall waste by 50% over the next five years.

It is a privilege to be able to 'road test' the way the rest of the world is going to have to do business in the future. It will be an exciting, at times tricky, but ultimately rewarding journey with the end prize being a supremely sustainable business.


In March 2023 we installed 50kWs of solar PV and 90kWs of battery storage so the site virtually runs off-grid (with the grid connection only there as a back-up).

Installation of EV Charging points across the Estate has begun with phase 1 - 2 EVPs at Rufus's Roost.
We now have two waste collection streams: one for general waste (which is sent to Allerton Park 'Waste to Energy' Plant near Harrogate) and a dedicated Mixed Recycling collection.

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